The Designer

Nadia Younis is a Birmingham based jewellery designer, born in Kashmir and grew up in the UK, She first came in contact with the art of hand made jewellery whilst visiting a tribe in Kashmir. The Tribe sold handmade jewellery to the locals. She later pursued her studies in Jewellery and Silversmithing at the world renowned School of Jewellery in Birmingham.

Whilst still at University, Nadia worked as an Assistant Designer for a well known Design House, designing jewellery for major High Street stores. However, realising her true passion was in the making of the jewellery and with the belief that the art of handmade jewellery is getting lost, she decided to go back to University to complete her final year.

Nadia Younis Jewellery

After graduating from University and gaining experience from many established designers. Nadia has managed to obtain funding to establish her own jewellery brand with a dream to revive her traditions. She takes inspiration from her heritage using silhouettes of structural designs, architecture and paintings. The geometrical shapes, repetitive patterns and colourful stones are reflected throughout her jewellery.  All of which are handmade using traditional bench skills.

The Blog

Nadia loves writing so the blog is a way to reach out, throw some debates into this already debatable internet world and connect with the readers.