Dragons Den, Bullring and more… Updates

Sometimes I fee like life is standing still. But once you stop and count your blessings you realise slowly but surely things have taken their turn for the best. When I look back in the last two months I realised so much has happened.

Dragons Den, Bullring and more… Updates

So here is the update in my journey;

Dragons Den

No I was not a participant on dragons den. Although that would have been an amazing experience, except I do not know my numbers at the speed the dragons shoot those questions at you. However I did take part in a young enterprise, where I was the dragon for young people advising them on their business. It is an amazing feeling when you know your experience can be helpful to others. It is an equally amazing feeling to learn the youth of today is determined to be successful in their own way before even finishing high school.

I was inspired by their passion and their drive to do better myself. Therefore I tried my best to give advice based on experience encouraging them to carry on with their dreams. It was an exceptional evening and I enjoyed every part of it.


Midlands Art Centre (MAC) is based in Birmingham for creatives to showcase their talents and for the locals to enjoy this talent. They have shows and exciting projects taking place every day, however they run monthly markets every first Sunday of the month. And I am excited to announce I have been accepted and will be taking part in the monthly markets. It will not be every single month and I will announce the dates on my social medial nearer the times.

Click MAC to find out more about activities taking place at here.



Unsure whether I should mention this right now but I am very excited about this project (if it takes place). I will reveal more details if and when I know more. We are still at the talking stages so I do not want to jinx it but fingers crossed all works out for the better.


For the past few months I have been involved with a programme called Fuse. It is run by Womens Enterprise to help women in business, now this place is particularly close to me because I launched my jewellery at the hub so it is great to interact with other like minded people and share my ideas and thoughts with. Many have inspired me with stories and many still carry on surprising me.

Chosen top 25 Jewellery Blogger

Finally, I made it to the the top 25 jewellery bloggers. How exciting, I do not know how this happened but it is nice to be recognised for your work. I do not write these pieces as blogs, maybe I should change the title. I write my pieces to share my journey so that when I look back I know how far I have come. And also to help people who are in a similar situation such as myself to realise, that there have been other people in the same shoes. Maybe help and maybe inspire others.

Other news

Just update on my stockists. My rings are still on Not on the High Street and at the Brampton Museum in Newcastile under Lyme.

Thankyou again for reading and please do keep in touch.

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