Being your own boss enhances the creative soul

Expect more

When I look at the Nadia Younis Jewellery Collection I cannot help but feel mesmerised at the sheer creativity, elegance and simplistic beauty her subtle yet impactful designs have. Turning such a great talent into something very real, a tangible product with a story and great meaning is inspiring to say the least. Receiving something bespoke is special in anyone’s eyes; especially if you’re at the receiving end. A well designed and well delivered product induces a great sense of joy for anyone.

The product however can only be as inspiring or as inspired as the designer behind it. If they own their business and feel empowered to run it; then it will only contribute to ensuring clients will get something they truly love. This, in turn, will be reflected in the levels of creativity towards the product design coupled with the desire to serve their customer well.

Therefore if you do something you love and you’re empowered to start a business yourself; taking into consideration the wants and needs of your clients, then you will do your utmost to serve to their requirements. This is quite simply, because being your ‘own boss’ actually makes you very happy, resulting in you wanting happy customers.

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Follow your passion

Knowing that you’re in charge of following your passion and having the ability of an uncapped earning potential gives a sense of freedom, that  no other employment position could offer. As a business owner therefore you will strive to educate, facilitate and empower yourself in achieving this. If this does not exist from the get-go; your clients will feel the impact. Thus the business may be affected. Therefore achieving success in your business will only be aided through constantly evaluating feedback from clients and knowing their needs.

Creative excellence

Creative people love to add value to the lives of others. It is their art that drives them. It could be it in the form of a piece of jewellery or in the form of words that have the power to move and transcend someone’s heart and soul: above and beyond imagination. Making a difference to the lives of others is at the very epicentre of the work we as creative people do. That is where the deep satisfaction of being able to deliver something that touches someone’s soul becomes the bearing of all standards.

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Aiming to achieve creative excellence becomes a default setting. Not everyone will understand this because not everyone is at a highly creative ascension. Although I do believe that everyone does have some level of creativity. Just like a muscle, the more this creativity is explored and used; The stronger it becomes. Allowing the individual to reach a creative peak.

Aspiring entrepreneur

As an aspiring entrepreneur on the road to success; the sense of achieving acclaim, recognition and also financial gain makes one strive even harder. This is more so apparent, for something that you have a natural flair towards such as Nadia with her jewellery designs or me with my words to coach and empower others. There are potentially many reasons behind this with the greatest being a sense of liberation for the entrepreneur.


Feeling independent enough to express your creativity is beyond monetary value. I believe this is the true essence of being an entrepreneur. One who doesn’t just make things but also creates things that have impact and meaning. This is what dreams are made of. Imagine coming to work every day doing what you know and that you absolutely love with a deep passion. This is a positive cycle. I believe this will fire the entrepreneur up to create products that are fit for purpose and right for their market.

Personal Growth

These products will bring satisfaction for the client and fruits of success for the entrepreneur for whom customer satisfaction lies at the heart of what they do. Personal satisfaction and growth being the components fuelling their creative furnace. This is nothing short then of a win-win situation not only for the customer but also for the entrepreneur.

“Asmah Bibi is known as the ‘inspirationalist’. She is a life Coach, Writer and Speaker who has a passion for Personal Development coupled with Entrepreneurship. Her motto in life is to inspire and influence positive change in her own life and that of others through her empowering work.”

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