Life is too short to Procrastinate

Life is too short to Procrastinate- Dream, Inspire and Achieve


Dream, Inspire and Achieve

Keeping up to date with my 4 blogs a month. Below is my first inspiration piece for this year on someone I have seen struggle and succeed in more than one field to name. I introduce you to the person behind creating Silver- Halo Photography, Khalid Mahmood.

A wedding photographer based in Birmingham. However today we will not be talking about his wedding photography but more about the journey of getting here. Khalid Mahmood has done it all, he has left footsteps across the globe. Through exciting projects and experiences I will reveal his achievements and show you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Achieving the unbelievable, going out of your own way to help others with voluntary deployments to help give aid in emergency situations. And of course travelling the world and being your own boss. All things are achievable yet require you to be target driven and working hard to do everything you want.

He is somewhat also a perfectionist I guess and we can see that in his work. Lets grab some tea and have a little chat with Khalid, about his journey and other achievements in his life.


Achieving goals

Someone who has probably inspired many to do their own thing. From friends to family and also followers he has gained a lot in respect in his photography field. Getting his name out there with just being different and achieving goals unconventionally has become normal for him.

He says, “I don’t know if I’ve inspired anyone but it’s a good feeling knowing all your hardwork pays off and something that was just an idea once, becomes a reality.”

Khalid bought his first DSLR in 2008 as a hobby. Cameras have since proliferated in all corners of the world in many shapes and sizes since. Doing Wedding Photography was a viable business once he left his job. He says,  “I wanted to do something where I was my own boss and also something I liked.”

Going Viral

Additionally, as expected there are several other aspects to creativity and one that can go viral instantly once on the internet. Nobody had tried an aerial video in certain parts of the countries where camera drones are not even heard of yet he has managed to achieve this and go viral.

“It was a mere chance that I had the quad with me as my trip to Pakistan was on back of a work trip to Philippines where I had all my equipment with me. While in Pakistan I thought, let’s just film something from a different perspective. People ended up liking it a lot.” says Khalid humbly.

Well why wouldn’t they, it was a well shot and edited video. Watch the videos on his Youtube channel, link is below.

Remember That!

Moving on, did I mention his talent of writing. Yes he has done it all. In addition to the impeccable camerawork he is also a published author. Once, I remember travelling on motorway and was given the first draft of his book to read. I did not put the book down for a second, so by the time I reached my destination I had finished reading it. It was truly amazing. Unfortunately he has stopped writing.

When asked about it, this is his response;

“Yeah, I’ve tried everything. Here is the thing, if you feel like doing something. Just do it! Life is too short to procrastinate. The only thing you should procrastinate is your homework. No one wants to do homework! Try everything you want. That way when you’re on your last breaths and your entire life is flashing by, you don’t regret not trying.”

“Morality and humanity sets us apart from animals”

Also, when given the opportunity Khalid has combined charity with creativity to help others. It makes sense as his love for photography did begin with an adventure away to Ghana on a project.

“Morality and humanity sets us apart from animals. Anyone with a little sense would help anyone in need. It should be a natural instinct.” Wise words from Khalid.

Next step

Naturally, we creative individuals are never satisfied. We are always looking for the next step. The obvious next step for Khalid would be productions. Along with few documentaries under his belt, I believe he is looking to venture out of his comfort zone. Stating: “That is my next step. I would like to slowly do a transition from my current field of work to more pro industry level productions.”

And why not. Like I have always said nothing is impossible. You are who you want to be and Khalid has proven again and again that once you do put your mind to something you can create amazing things.

One advice from him is; “If you want to do something do it full heartedly and eventually everything will pay off. Always keep on building on your talent and keep on growing.”
It’s a long way to go but slowly things are coming together for him. Here is to hoping and wishing him luck for all his big adventures.

Oh and Happy Birthday!!

If you would like to see more of Khalid’s work please see the links below.

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