Blog Ideas 2017

My intention is to create an Inspiration blog for Handmade Jewellery Businesses. I hope through this blog I can encourage someone to not give up with their dreams and carry on bringing joy to others as a handmade bespoke jewellery business, as no matter how long it takes it will eventually come true. Do not think about the competition. Do not think about others success at this present moment. However, do think about how far you have come since you started and how far you will to go until you have reached your destination to start a new journey again.

So here is a quick update. I have decided to release 4 blogs every month. Each week will have a different theme. So here are my Blog ideas 2017 (let me know what you think):


Inspirational Blog.

I will begin the month by introducing a Guest business to share their stories. These will not necessarily be about the same industry. I want to try something new and give space to different businesses to share their success, tips and tricks. Some will be written  by myself in an interview manner and some by my Guests themselves depending on the business.


Making of a piece: Step by Step

I have wanted to do these blogs since before I launched my business. Customers do tend to ask about the processes jewellery. Therefore I have been saving up on images and sketches to share here.  I will try to document the design process and stages of making each bespoke piece.


My General Thoughts and Products

Here I will introduce non jewellery related topics as long as they flow with the theme of my journey and spreading positivity. This week will include what has caught my attention and why. This could be a product, a person or an issue regarding us that will influence our future etc.


My journey so far/ updates

Now this is my favourite. This will include my progress, some advice and how I would do things differently to improve.

Obviously I need to come up with better name ideas so any different suggestions are most welcome.

Please leave suggestions below. Also I would love to meet likeminded people in the same boat as me and collaborate so do get in touch. Furthermore if you have any questions please also get in touch.

*Sidenote* All of the above was written without caffeine or sleep. As January has already started I thought I would get a move on with my ideas. This year I will be working extra hard to make sure all my plans come to life.

Once again do comment and let me know what you think. Happy New Years.