You Have to Start Somewhere (Right?)

…to reach someplace.

One day I was sitting down going through so many magazines I had accumulated from different jewellery shows that it occurred to me suddenly, “I need to do a photo shoot”. Yes there it was an idea born like many other ideas that were born and very quickly disappeared but this one stuck around. So I decided to brainstorm the idea straightaway.

That night I was not sure if I would go ahead with this idea, nor did I know if it would become a success that involved other creative’s too but it was a start. That day I learnt that you have to start somewhere to reach a destination. So I started to compile a list of people I would like to work with and the people I needed to work with.


Collaborations are a great idea in this industry. It is not only about the jewellery industry, it is also about the creative industry that is always under scrutiny for trying something different or for following their dreams. This is where we need people from different fields to work with. We need trust from one another to build ourselves up, back ourselves up and know that you are not just building a business connection but a relationship for the future.

My advice would be to make a list of people you want to collaborate with and that are best suited to your project. Do not be afraid to contact them. The team I contacted to collaborate with were brilliant from start til finish. They all came together to work on this one idea and I cannot thank them enough.

First thing was first I had to secure my photographer on the scene. She not only loved my ideas but was willing to help me find a model and the rest of the team to work with. At this stage I did not even have a clear idea about the shoot and the pieces I wanted shot but I guess Taybah trusted me and I really appreciate this. And the reason I knew I wanted Taybah as a photographer was not only because of her skills but also her hard work, contribution and TRUST for this photo shoot.

And the rest as they say is history.


Mood boards are a great idea…

Before finding the right team I had done research and created themes I wanted to shoot. Mood boards are great idea to get started. I started with few magazines I liked and took away themes and pictures that I thought suited my jewellery. At the same time I started putting jewellery on there to make sure my jewellery also fits within the theme. My advice would be to collect as many pictures and colour combinations as you can and then filter it down to few that actually fit. But have no fear, put all your other images into a folder for future references etc.


Locations Locations Locations…

At this point I was not sure about the location. I emailed a few of my favourite places and had no replies from them. So one day I went for my usual morning run on a bright summers day. There I came across the most beautiful location ever. It was a local park however with all the greenery and flowers it was the best location for the theme I chose. “Perfect” I said and took some example shots with my phone to send to photographer and the makeup artist for approval.



There were 3 changes altogether that required slight makeup and clothes changes.

First look was simplistic floral look, smiley, colourful jewellery and a happy look. Second look was a bit more dramatic with darker lipstick, darker eyes and dramatic poses with layered jewellery. Third look was minimum makeup, minimum jewellery and minimum colours with close-ups of the jewellery. All three looks were created keeping in mind the simplicity in my jewellery. And They looked absolutely great with everybody’s efforts.


The day…

On the day it took us over 6 hours to complete the whole shoot whilst fasting as it was the month of Ramadhan. And I cannot thank them enough for their efforts and the input. Their social media links are below so go follow their journey…

I had an awesome experience and I thought I should share it with you all. It all started with a thought. If I had not developed this idea further and not taken action. I would still be in the same position as I was that day. I guess what I am trying to say is if you have an idea take it further. No matter how big or small. Take action now!


Finally I hope you enjoyed this journey and pictures as much as we enjoyed creating these. I shall hopefully bring you many more creative processes in 2017.

Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful and also keep me updated with your journey. If you have any questions please also leave them in the comments.

Many thanks to everyone for working with me and making this shoot possible.

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